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2010-05-31 13:13:49 by nicogear

Good news everyone, the long awaited episode of sonic tournament is finally out!! And prepare for some surprises for the next episode!


2009-10-04 00:46:43 by nicogear

i will need some more time for sonic tournament, since i'm going to remake the game, and that will hardly delay me, so it will take more time than expected............i'll do my best to finish off.


2009-09-05 00:06:03 by nicogear

i'm going to make a collab with uberblue1110, check his page out for more details.

still working!

2009-04-19 15:54:24 by nicogear

i'm still working on SMR EP7 and i already reached 4000+ frames, and it should be coming into the portal next month, so try to wait til' it's ready!! :)

my artwork

2009-03-03 19:08:56 by nicogear

hiyas! i just wanna show you all a sample of my artwork, i know i can do better but it's just a sample, i would like you to comment about it, thank u! oh and btw, sonic: metal rampage ep 7 is on the way, so don't worry XD!

my artwork

hard work!

2009-02-17 14:09:17 by nicogear

hiya people, i will start making smr7(sonic metal rampage ep 7), but it will be a huge workout this time, because i'm gonna make it THREE TIMES LONGER THAN THE LAST ONE, it will feature a new style of action, new places, and a new foe too!